Areas of Expertise

KARMA Media Labs brings together over 15 years of subject matter expertise in integrated awareness marketing. At our team’s core, we have a solid foundation in Social Media Marketing and implementation, as well as options for services that extend beyond social media in the areas of Public Relations, Media Buying, Advertising, Search Marketing and Web Site Development. Our goal is to meet yours: we’re all about driving awareness and have the services you need, from niche marketing to full service.

Whether you’re just experimenting with Social Media or you want to dive in, your organization is large or small, you’re a brand or an individual, KARMA Media Labs helps you get your message heard.

Social Media & Word of Mouth Marketing

Social Media Marketing is our sweet spot; it’s the core foundation for all that we do. KARMA Media Labs develops social outreach programs to get you noticed and get people talking. We work across all social channels, including blogs, social networks, user generated content and review/voting sites through blog and influencer relations and one-to-one consumer and fan outreach. We listen to, monitor and engage with your audiences to create momentum around your message. Our deep relationships in the online community help us build the best tactics to meet your unique goals and get visibility through effective placements that traditional media dollars can’t always buy.

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Blog & Influencer Outreach

Blog and influencer outreach is an important component of Word of Mouth marketing, as these bloggers, site editors and opinion leaders become evangelists for by sharing information, placing their “stamp of approval”, and generating awareness among their core audiences and readership. KARMA Media Labs works with targeted but high-influence blogs, communities, partners and sites reaching your target demographic and secure key placements by leveraging content – exclusive news, videos/images, or promotions. Deep levels of engagement by the blog writers, community moderators and their audience is critical to the generation of buzz and the spread of word of mouth. We know which blogs and sites to approach, how to secure placements and how to create a mutually beneficial relationship with the key influencers on the blogs to maximize word of mouth. KARMA Media Labs can work with your internal teams or third party PR agencies on developing the best mix of targets to get the most visibility and engagement.

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Conversational Marketing & Fan Outreach

KARMA Media Labs believes in micro-marketing in areas or through methods that not only reach exactly the right audience, but also have a high potential for influential word of mouth, sharing and pass-along (virality). We directly communicate and engage in dialogue with your target audiences in niche social spaces, such as forums, groups, knowledge sharing sites, blog commenting and Twitter, and either start new conversations or insert ourselves into existing conversations to create buzz, answer questions, counter negatives, as well as ensure that the your brand is present and correctly represented in all the social communities. We also provide this feedback to our clients to indicate levels of buzz and conversation, as well as positive, neutral or negative sentiment. KARMA Media Labs is proud to follow Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s (WOMMA) ethical viral marketing protocols. All one-to-one representation regarding your brand will be made transparently on behalf of KARMA Media Labs or your brand.

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Social Network Presence Management

Your social profile is the impression you or your brand makes to your audience, and you want your first impression to be a good one. KARMA Media Labs can guide you in best practices to develop your social profile and get your audience to engage. We give you the tips you need to grow your audience, develop content, and utilize social applications to connect with your fans, including Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. If you need help maintaining your profile, we can support you in keeping it fresh, optimized and visible on an ongoing basis. With the new changes to many of these social networks, including Facebook, KARMA can help develop new strategies for Communities and the social graph.

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KARMA Media Labs provides public relations and publicity programs that build awareness, visibility and effective positioning for clients – not only in the digital space, but in the traditional space as well. We understand that Word of Mouth isn’t exclusive to only one environment, and we offer best practices in both the “old” and the “new” communication tactics. Our publicity services include Blog Relations as listed above, but also include brand development, media outreach, press release distribution/optimization, events, and reputation management.

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Buzz Monitoring & Social Listening

Reputation and brand monitoring is an essential initiative. Depending on how popular and well-known your brand is, there may be few or many people talking about it. But the number of media channels where consumers and fans are having conversations online is proliferating at an incredible speed: what might start out on Twitter may turn into national news. KARMA Media Labs will help you monitor and track dialogue about your brand or persona…taking place right now. Not only can we help monitor conversation, but we can help you harness that conversation to gain insight about your image and your audiences’ perception of it.

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Social Partnerships & Promotions

KARMA Media Labs works with influential partners to promote a brand or persona on our client’s behalf. We are dedicated to creating awareness, positive image, audience engagement and word of mouth through strategic implementation of giveaways, contests or sweepstakes. Promotions encourage audience interaction by reaching the consumers who are most likely to purchase a product or service. Our team is experienced in working with both digital and traditional partners to target your desired demographic, online or at events. KARMA Media Labs identifies opportunities for our clients to integrate their brand and content within digital media, promotional tie-ins, influencer endorsement and events. We are able to create, produce, and distribute original content, as well as match our social media outreach tactics to maximize visibility and pass-along.

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Social Applications & Creative Activation

Our creative team supports social conversations with compelling – and viral - experiences across sites and applications, including destination web sites, micro-sites, blogs, social tools, mobile and other viral applications. Additionally, our seasoned branding experts can assist organizations with their brand strategy and produce creative assets such as logos and treatments that best reflect the brand message. From creative ideation to execution, we’re your partner for all creative needs.

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International Social Media Marketing

KARMA Media Labs leverages international social media channels, when and where possible and appropriate, to generate additional visibility in international markets. With a bi-lingual team (French and Spanish), and our team of experts, we are not only able to provide translation services, but understand the nuances of social media and the blogosphere in countries other than the United States. We also are familiar with the platforms that enable wide distribution of content and social media tracking tools for buzz and conversations in foreign social media spaces.

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Mobile Marketing & Development

KARMA Media Labs provides our clients guidance and solutions for developing mobile strategies, programs and tactics to complement social media programs. Our services include creative ideation, concept development, mobile media, brand integration, and application development.

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Video Production & Distribution

KARMA Media Labs helps our clients produce, integrate and distribute video and audio elements to support awareness marketing through social media channels. Our team can produce and syndicate your Video blog, clip and podcast content via user generated content sites to help build buzz, conversation and pass-along of your brand message.

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Web & Blog Development

Any online marketing effort must be in sync with your web site to create an integrated experience for your audience. Our team will advise you on best practices for usability, tracking and optimizing your web site for social media marketing campaigns. We can also help clients with developing web sites from scratch:brand sites to UGC, to full scale e-commerce functionality; as your partner, we cater to your needs.

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Email Marketing

Need some direction on how to manage your email marketing program? KARMA Media Labs helps our clients with email campaign and database management, as well as list optimization. Our team is well-versed in assisting clients with best practices to distribute messaging and content to your consumers, as well as list growth and acquisition, segmentation and measurement.

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Sometimes the biggest challenge in undertaking Social Media Marketing is the simplest to fix. We eliminate the confusion around how Social Media Marketing works, how to measure success, and how to integrate into your existing marketing mix.

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